Monday, June 24, 2013

The Kitsch Legacy: Generation 1.01

Babies are born, pacifiers are forgotten to be rolled.

Yep - she is pregnant.

What a joyous occasion! Let's celebrate with some time passage and making out!

As you can see, it is winter; the only winter that will ever occur because their god's computer doesn't like to perform smoothly with snow.

Days have passed, and it's time to holler and give birth to a child in their typically Sci-Fi way.

Huzzah! It's a boy, who has been titled Kashka. Bizarrely, he has a most pale complexion and green eyes, exhibiting phenotypes his mother is solely responsible for.

Comox: *thinks about stuff and things*

Kashka: *Is satisfactory in terms of looks*

Heck yes

He's not the only one excelling in the workplace.

This must be confusing 

That matchmaking lady left a lamp behind.

Hmm, what will the sim with fortune aspiration wish for?


That's a surefire way to get teh WooHoo

Somehow, it's time for Kashka to toddle about and whatnot.

Comox is not as elated, however.

Spoiler alert: yes

Sadly, throwing up does help you advance in the entertainment career.

Pregnancy, alas, does not (unless you're already famous).

OMG nooO

This officer lost the fight! What a crying shame

This looks like a sweet moment, but he was suffering from allergies.

Comox: *offensively impersonates Santa Claus*

Great job, guy in the cuisine career.

Apparently starting fires triggers labour??

I forgot to roll the pacifier, so it's another male, quite identical to his sibling. We've called him Favriel.

Kashka isn't actually that fugly

Kashka: *twirls and shit*

Before I forget, here's their newly remodeled house. It's quite ugly, but I'll surely fix this when they stop disappointing me.


Let's hope it's the lighting.

Random pic because I didn't want to end on his odd countenance. 'Til next time!

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