Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Dirndl Asylum - Stats

 Yes! We've come full circle, and Cloche has gained her freedom! I probably should've turned off aging, but who cares. 

*100 initial points*

Family friends: 11


Abel: 09
Halifax: 10
Jewel: 14
Largo: 15
Miller: 19
Myrtle: 16
Xo E: 16

Aspiration Points (rounded for the purpose of addition):

Abel: 18
Halifax: 5
Jewel: 17
Largo: 9
Miller: 23
Myrtle: 15
Xo E: 27

+20 for never having used influence points
-32 for days institutionalised 
*= 312 Points*


 I'll attempt to divulge some background information our most beloved patients.



Her parents were chronic neat-freaks both coming from sheltered families of neat-freaks, so upon realising that their daughter was rather slobby, they pulled some strings and had her committed. It's the thought that counts, right?


Halifax hails from an uber-poor neighbourhood, despite her family being multi-millionaires. After a business blunder and the resulting PR nightmare, her parents decided to move to a disadvantaged area to regain some respect. After learning of the wealth of this new family, the existing residents ostracised them, claiming that they were simply leeching off of the neighbourhood's poverty. Which they were. Despite their lukewarm reception in the neighbourhood, the move was successful and their reputations were restored. Halifax still suffers from social exclusion, so following in the footsteps of her parents, she has decided to commit herself to appear more streetwise and relatable.


Miller is quite the little sociopath! He is known for his grouchy demeanor and erratic behavior, and was branded unfit for general socialisation. Since his exile to this godforsaken asylum, he's hit it off with some fellow patients and spotted some good manipulation opportunities.

 Xo E:

Unfortunately, Xo E's story is one laden with bad luck. She had simply moved to earth and hadn't been aware of the planet's customs. After quickly being captured by authorities, she evaded autopsy by accepting a plea deal involving her isolation from members of the public.


 Abel was known as the "bro-iest of bros" by his bros. That was, until, he decided that he could break the world record for juice ingestion. He did, but under the influence of juice, he did some pretty crazy S that lead to his being committed to the asylum. The police have asked not to specify as it was super embarrassing.


 Jewel is known as the worrier of the asylum due to her intense worrying. Yes. This is unfortunately a condition that is incurable, and the only way to relax her nerves slightly is to put her in a house with many crazy people acting erratically at every turn.


 Largo refuses to wear pants, and also hallucinates. Is that a penguin??


 Myrtle has little no control over her body, and is plagued by sporadic urination, an inability to know what to do when she feels sleepy and being super good at the piano in a house where everybody fights over the only piano.

This challenge was mostly fun, so maybe I'll try another one sometime...Thanks for reading!

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