Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dirndl Asylum 1.4 - Finale

A nice family meal with some random townie.

It is summer again! Hurray! Hurrah!

Cloche realises that sleep is essential for mitosis.

This picture is wonderfully systematic and unpleasant to look at.

Dawn and the end of UFO searching.

At least she has a nicer car to haul her ass to work.

Laugh out loud funny!

Yes, yes! We all know the phrase.

Some aggressive behavior is being exhibited by patients.

As is emotional behavior.

Just regular female affirming time.

These weather patterns are pretty but make no sense. Like everyone on TV.

Illygirl I-Illy girl


Oh, poor thing. He has no chance. To eat those pancakes as Xo E is disposing of them.

Perfectly normal behavior.

Fun experiences being had by those who don't know what fun is.

She's a mess. But a damn good looking one(!).

Cloche: *Eh. I've had better.*

Do u ever just

She needs to cool off and is going for a walk

Largo is amused.

Jewel's paranoia is kicking in/acting up.

No, she's not an undercover cop. You need to lie down.

Hmm, just as Cloche arrives home, the others start to age!!!

Abel looks decidedly creaky!

Xo E has taken it upon herself to trade her old underwear for underthings fashioned out of vintage parachutes.

Miller is now a delightful curmudgeon!

Whose aspiration is failing after a fire he set whilst aging.

Cloche fared pretty well!

Myrtle and Miller have lost all control of the flow of bodily fluids exiting their bodies.

Great! First instance of uncontrollable urination as an elder!

Miller is in hot pursuit, however.

Oh, do cheer up!

This isn't funny anymore!

Okay, now you're just taking the pi- oh never mind.

Halifax sobs in confusion at her rapid hair growth.


This picture angers me.

At least Cloche is doing some good!

She's still cute!

Ah, snowy uncoordinated football throwing!

What elegance! Do any of you own pants?

Cloche chats orders groceries or chats or something.

We need some pants up in here.

Snowy stargazing (I just wanted to alliterate something, okay?)

She needs one more friend to advance, so she takes it a bit too far.

All we need to do is go to work!

But first, sleep!

She prepares for the most important day of her life the next morning with some jumping.


Thanks for reading this, presuming you've read this and weren't looking for a place to spam. Please anticipate a retrospective post where I will synopsise the challenge/calculate my points, etc. I love you all. Good day.

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