Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dirndl Asylum 1.3

Myrtle tries to remain inconspicuous in spite of the fact she's glowing.

Jewel: *I've been expecting you.*

Thanks for ruining the thing we were doing, Miller!

Calm yourself, Jewel. You saw the lady delivering the groceries.

Abel thinks about a townie wistfully with two half naked ladies in his room.

Jewel enjoys food.

Aww, how shweet!


Xo E revels in a bit of schadenfreude.

Finally, she takes mercy and throws him a bone by mopping up his urine.

She is still disgusted, however.

Abel sobs out of shame.

Don't you know that there's no privacy in the common room!

Xo E enjoys Cloche's cube.

Jeez, guys; be mature!

Everyone is being civil!

Miller grooves out.

Ah, a sociopath!

Cloche makes a connection with a random townie, and in the process, screws Halifax over.

Confrontation! Juicy!

Hells yes.

Goddamnit, Jewel, he's wearing cowboy boots! What a lesser man.

Dawn and Myrtle is on the piano.

What is with your damn bladder.

No elbows on the table, Halifax!

Envy. Pizza.

Damn lack of personal hygiene.

Cloche neutralises the asylum's sordid reputation.

Anyway, fast forward to the next day with a new hideous work outfit and a nicer car!

More schadenfreude!

Weird bathroom conference. 

Ballad music video still #454521485

Ballad music video still #454521486

Crazy times.

The stars hold the answer/she needs more logic skill points to get a promotion.

See above RE: stars.

Looking for guidance!

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