Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Dirndl Asylum 1.2

Vixens, vixens, vixens!
It is now time to enter the rat race. At least she has a fun hat.

Fast forward a few hours to the hell yes times.

Cloche is having a post piano playing session nap. You deserve it, girl!

Fast forward the next day while Cloche's at work. Jewel manages to botch the basic cooking job she had undertaken. Damn autonomy.

Thankfully, Cloche arrives home at a crucial time and extinguishes it, not to mention receives another promotion. Of course. Jewel always needs to have every last shred of attention focused on her!

Luckily for her, a magician's lamp appears on their doorstep and she takes advantage of this bit of serendipity and wishes for wealth. Is this cheating? Eh, forget it.

While the household revels in their newfound wealth for the remainder of the evening, Xo E takes things outside. Into the SNOW.

Hurray for ice!

Oh, the irony! Just when we can actually afford to pay the bills, the repo man comes to steal our sink. For shame!

At least we can be compensated by Jewel's NEXT promotion!

Some day sky-browsing is in order!

*Sigh* if only all of our patients were as successful.

Damn trashcan is ruining the evocative winter scene.

Queue the Disney song about Xo E wishing to find her home planet or whatever.

Great, our facilities suck. Like I didn't know that.

If only the lady in this painting had blue skin; it would tie into our Disney scenario wonderfully.


Great to see you in good humor, Myrtle.

Cloche dabbles in some socialisation. 

She personifies dedication to her craft.

So unnatural, but so pretty. Like life (not like life).

Finally, applause!

At least this is different to the usual cloud she emits.

Damn it, Jewel! Can't you keep your eyes open for a picture?

Ah, our token worrier!

It okay! Don't be...cry!

Modesty, shmodesty. You all share a bathroom, Jewel!

Hells yes #1995

What is it about piano playing that fatigues our patients so?


A word from our alien.

Miller gets political, presumably.

Don't look at me like that!

??? What's all this, then?

Crisis in the bathroom, # infinity

Halifax must be proposing something that's mighty unsavory!

Or not.

Cloche is entering Xo E's realm of Disney numbers.

Oh, Myrtle! Always having heartburn.

And blocking the fridge!

This picture is a great portrayal of my real life: Cloche represents me, and Abel represents everyone else.

Everyone is amused, of course.

Let's avoid the repo man, hmm?

Time for some hipster identity crisis moments.

Oh, wow, a new friend?

Oh, great. More uncontrollable bodily functions. That's Cloche's thing!

Cloche, you vixen!

She cools off with some piano-ness.

Xo E's the intellectual! I mean, she reads. The *newspaper.*

Everyone is tired and too lazy to put away groceries, apparently.

Cloche wakes up early to bulk up her logic skill before work.

Xo E relishes Jewel's emotional instability as it assures her own.

Oh, Jewel! You'll be cool.

I honestly don't think Largo wears his everyday outfit at all.

Jewel nervously anticipating news of Cloche's job performance.

Never fear Jewel, as we can always count on Cloche's outstanding work stuff!

She celebrates by tuning the piano.

Halifax has mastered the evil and knowing look.

Cloche has discovered the joys of circular jewel things.

Myrtle looks angelic as she dreams of large, stringed instruments.

Halifax loses that evil coolness as she laments her unfulfillment.

Some jag knocks over our trash can.

Abel, you vixen! Halifax, you vixen! VIXENS, THE BOTH OF YOU!!!!

Ugh, the stupid box is busted.

Holy crap, she is impressing me!

She's growing to resent her success, however.


Thankfully, Cloche helps to restore the machine that's ruining society.

Largo, that's Xo E's thing! Unless you can sing.

It ain't that bad, Cloche!

Less of the attitude, please.

See you soon! Just know that there's a brawl on the way.

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