Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dirndl Asylum: 1.1

Here we go again!

Let's start the story!

Myrtle is once again adding to her creativity skill and harassing the others' ears simultaneously.

Take that, Armando!

 Jewel has somehow devised a coping mechanism to deal with the endless stream of bad music.

Myrtle's ego has now been sufficiently damaged, and she is agonising over the time she lost control of her bowels. Let it go, Myrtle! It was a few hours ago.

Gas leak? 

 One would think that this was a senior citizens' home!

Miller is losing himself in the music, and wishes to dance like we are not watching. 

Myrtle has awoken and is ingesting a diabetic supplement. 

It would appear that two of the residents are rendezvousing outside. Miller is searching the skies for something that will help him to sleep. 

The two have returned indoors and now Myrtle has a chance to feel superior.

Aah, dawn! 

Cloche is stirring... 

The unintentional uniformity of this is quite harrowing:

Yo, check it: Miller has passed out. Great.

Xo E greets an excreting Cloche

It would appear that Armando stayed the night. He shan't use our shower.

Yeah, you better run!

 Oh, save us the theatrics, Jewel.

Lunchmeat for breakfast? Yes, the does constitute a smile.

 It would appear that the paper is arriving. Perhaps we'll have more luck in the employment sector today?


Crisis in the bathroom.

Great, who's playing the damn piano now?

Cloche is probably saving Jewel's life, no biggie. 


Abel closes in on a toaster pastry. 

Oh god oh god oh god we have like, no money oh god 

Cloche showers, blissfully unaware.


 Oh well. Maybe we can check the paper for jobs, then. It would appear that one of the more inconsiderate housemates has taken it and left it in their chambers.

Largo enjoys his moving pictures.

Some of the ladies are offended by the piano playing, or are rehearsing the choreography for a ballad music video.

Unfortunately, there was no Architecture career available and in desperation she joined the Science career. She doesn't seem to care, though.

Myrtle cleans and Largo sees a red-haired woman when he looks in the mirror. 

Time to drown out her sorrows and gain another skill point.

Cloche follows suit and works out a bit.

What, you ain't never seen a naked alien before?

Largo wishes to replicate Myrtle's success.

Poor Abel only wants to write in his diary, but doesn't have any privacy. 

The patients bond over dinner. 

 Cloche nips off to bed, and Jewel plays outside with Miller.

They strengthen their bond over their mutual dislike of Myrtle's piano playing. 

The others are gaining skill, I daresay.

Xo E reminisces about her past life or something deep that can be done outside in your underwear at night.

It sure as hell made her hungry. 

Cloche is up and coming to the rescue.

Her cooking brings aspiration points, apparently. 

The common room is alive and bustling. 

Something appears to be amiss with Myrtle. 

Not this again, Myrtle! We've come so far since yesterday! 

Cloche earns a skill point before leaving for work. 

Everything is cool again. 

The hunger, though! It hurts!


Gotta love her trail of emission. 

It's quite etheral in an Aurora Borealis way.

Hell yes. My new favourite.

Everyone likes now that she makes money.

Scratch that - Xo E is my new favourite.

You deserve that meal! Go you!


Ironically, the first fire wasn't caused by one of the patients. 

Saving the day once again! 

 All's well, and now we sleep!

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