Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Dirndl Asylum: 1.0

I recently bid adieu to TS3 and welcomed TS2 into my life. Here's an asylum.

Here are the patients residing in the Dirndl Asylum; A sun-weathered adobe abode.


1. Myrtle
2. Miller
3. Halifax
4. Largo
5. Cloche (My star patient!)
6. Abel
7. Jewel
8. Xo E

*Please ignore the red 'paused' border and queued icons, etc.*

The Dirndl Asylum:



She beith a Libra with a lust for pence, o yes

She also strives to be a city planner.


Anyway, she decided to start off by watching The Yummy Channel and asking her fellow patients to join her, so as to prevent fire.

First, however, she must relieve herself. Best to now before everyone decides to crowd in.

After she's tended to her bodily functions, she decides to catch some butterflies. She encounters an outsider, coinciding with the others' new found cooking abilities.

As she wishes to be a star architect or whatever, she tries to find a job or something. She is now convinced undergoing a lobotomy is mandatory for long term lodgings here.

I've included this picture to make Myrtle look cool, for she does not ever regain this composure. You'll soon see...

As she realises that some levity is required to survive here, she converses with a fellow patient, Jewel. Others discuss palettes?

AAAND here we go, the first bathroom backup (of many, I'm sure). You must abandon modesty! Surrender to humiliation!

Cloche has caught up with the cooking skills of her pals and is making lunch to celebrate.

Hmm, perhaps the first mental breakdown the asylum has seen?

Probably not; Xo E and Miller are simply heckling something. Possibly the townie's outfit. 

No, it's just Myrtle's lackluster piano skills. Pretty uncool, huh? There's still more.

Anyway, Cloche's lunchmeat sandwiches were a hit, and she's cleaning up a for a spell.


Time for some skill building, since she couldn't find a job. Proactivity is always desirable.

Huzzah, some success! 


Now to exercise. Her right to look amazing! 

Yay for Cloche! Let's check on the others. 

Oh-oh,  Jewel, Miller and Abel are wanting a shower. Remember what I said about modesty, kids?

Halifax and Largo are bonding over some trash. 

Myrtle and Xo E seemed to have reconciled and are enjoying some conversation over lunchmeat.

 Miller showers and Abel looks on, fascinated with the male form.

After an intense workout, Cloche needs a shower. Miller has beaten her, unfortunately. Her ambivalence towards him amuses me. 

                                                 At least Miller is being a gentleman about it.

I spoke too soon. 

Thank you, privileges of the Western world! 

 Oh, bless. Our first breakdown. Guess who? 

There's no crying in baseball, Myrtle.

Being too slow sucks.

Someone has decided to visit the asylum! How nice. He won't leave.

That's right, lament your lack of success!

Halifax is delighted at the prosepct of bonding with her friend Largo.

Time to eat.

Nope, too busy ignoring social norms.

Speaking of:

Jewel has done everyone a favor and prepared the evening meal. Thanks Jewel! Also, everyone bonds over their dislike of Myrtle.

Bummer, only four seats at the table. Now you can empathise with Myrtle's lack of prompt action.


An attempt to reinstate Myrtle's air of coolness:

Cleaning the dishes in a sink. Guh.

Everyone (except Cloche) and that townie who won't leave is spending the evening together in the common room.

Cloche has decided to beat the competition to the bed suites and grabs the only one with effective ventilation.

Let's use this time to check up on the patients. Some girls are in the bathroom, doing various things.

Xo E and Abel have decided to partake in a late night game of catch. 

Some of the men are flamboyantly expressing themselves in the common room.

Largo grabs one of the vacant suites. 

As does Halifax.

And Xo E.

And Abel snatches up the last vacant one.

Aww, you're too late, Jewel!

This photo looks like a ball of fire caused by Jewel is about to explode from Abel's room.

Townie and Miller bond.

Myrtle tries to wash away the day's shame.

Jewel emerges from the stall, down but not out.

I hope you enjoyed this! Any tips or suggestions would be great. The pics won't have the extra interface-y stiff visible next time, I promise!

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