Saturday, December 15, 2012

Edd Feller

Edd grew up in a house where the food was raw and the drinks were raw food and water. His blanket was knitted from their pet sheep's coarse and pungent wool. This did not please him.

As it goes, his family were extremely conscious of the environment, and naturally, being raised in such a climate, he could not resist being roped into it. His only friend was a globe made from an mandarin slice. It wasn't even a circular shape, people!

After being exposed to this on such a large scale for such a long time, he began to resist this and made friends with some fruits that could more accurately serve as spherical representations of things.

Now, he's doing crazy things, like interacting with others and collecting stamps (ones that say 'OVERDUE' on bills in shocking caps).

Maybe one day he'll find someone who shares his inherent need to stockpile the failures and negligence of others?


Face Sliders by aWT
Other Sliders by bell3lek4


Hair by Rustynail

Eyes by Shady

Ultra Plain Faces by tamo
Super Sheer Lips by tamo
Everyday Jeans by Aikea_Guinea

*The remainder of clothing is LN, Pets & Seasons.*

Download Link: Mediafire

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