Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sibylle Fine

Sibylle was known as the class clown, and always had some witty observation to make about the principal's carnation tie, or the teacher's nerves.

She had gained this title so quickly as she had decided to cash in on the old age piece of advice, received from her Mother: "You make jokes about you, so they can't. Mushrooms are a great pizza topping, get them when you can." Her mother had an affinity for fungi, it was ruining her marriage.

It quickly became known to the teachers that she was a "troublemaker" before she could tone down the humor, so she was labeled by many as being a delinquent.

As a result, she was forced to silently defy them by working extremely hard on her grades. This worked, and they were defied, I say!

Nowadays, she's attending some classes someplace and working on a million novels, all growing together in a miniature mental petri dish.


Face Sliders by aWT
Other Sliders by bell3lek4


Eyes by Shady
Eyebrow Replacement by Simple Life
Hair by Raonjena
Glasses by Tamo
Original skin by Papercat
Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
Henley Top by Gelydh

*The remainder of the clothing is BG, LN, Pets & Seasons. She's packaged in BG skin and hair.)

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