Monday, October 22, 2012

Vökuró + CAW Files

History (*)

An extremely young island relatively close to the mainland, it is claimed that the island's first chief rode to Vökurú with his family and friends in a giant primitive canoe shaped like a kayak. After they realised how infertile the land was, they rode the hell back out of there. There, it remained uncharted. Until recently, when it was spotted by a sailor in a pair of striking teal tights...

General (*)

Map Size: Medium
World Type: Suburb
Spawn Points: All BG & Pets Spawners
System Requirements: This world is quite compact, though it utilizes many effects. I have a very low spec computer and it runs nicely.
EPs: Late Night, Pets
CC: None

Routing Problems (*)

Horses do get stuck quite often since there are no roads, which causes lag. However, if you have Twallan's story progression/register there's an animal control option. I also think there's a population control option within the game, too. Also, some lag when the paper delivering kid has to vanish, but just cancel your subscription. 


(Nicked from simsample's Jericho thread. Thank you!  )
"Routing problems can usually be solved by resetting the stuck sim using the command 'resetsim firstname lastname'. However, if you are experiencing a lot of lagging you could diagnose it using Twallan's Story Progression  and this method. NOTE: Srikandi has pointed out that the newer versions of Twallan's mods have changed this slightly- please see this post . Thank you Srikandi! Also Daniel has this information, thank you for that, Daniel! "

Performance (*)

Routing Info: Unfortunately, most of the island is unroutable. I really had to be restrictive, since there was a distinctive feel I was going for with the island. No hill climbers! :(
Layering: Six in total: Global, Flora, Deco, Lots, Deco, Spawners, Effects
Textures: 8 in total. Credit to simsample; I recoloured a BB rock texture he extracted. Thanks! Also, to Martine.

Notes (*)

Major props to simsample for extracting the Moonlight Falls lighting files which I used in this world. Grab 'em here:

This island is quite an odd piece of work and I honestly hadn't intended on releasing it. There is a lot of strangeness about it, so apologies for any undue weirdness. Be sure to inform me of any problems in the comments section!

For the .inis such as sky files to initialize properly, you'll need to open the world, let it run for a second, save your game, quit to the main menu and boot it up again. Not a Vökurú specific bug, it's present in all worlds.

Routable Areas & Spawners

Björk Sample




  1. mmm i love it!!!
    and one question how could you made a greenhouse(i dont know if that house with a lot of windows its called greenhouse)(i mean i talk spanish and here its called ''invernadero'' and that looks like a ''invernadero'' gksdgbdnkfjg bblablhblah how can you put windows on the roof??

    i love yor world i totally ganne live on that

  2. Hey Andrwessx!

    There aren't actually windows on the roof.
    I recoloured a small fence, then placed it to *resemble* windows on the roof.
    Then, I just used a cheat code 'constrainfloorelevation false' and gradually raised the floor inside of the building, which affected the fencing, giving a peaked 'roof' effect, thus resembling greenhouse windows.

    Thanks for the nice comment! :D

  3. Wonderful work! Very beautiful city ^ _ ^ Thank you :)

  4. I love all your worlds.
    This is no different. Thank you so much!