Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Xebia Tone

Hey guys! Thought you might like a preview of Cosmia though a sim's eye. :) Beware, 60+ pics after the jump.

Anyway, as you know, this is Pam Xebia. She'll be our crash-test dummy for the day. 

We began by purchasing a *dirt cheap* hovel across from city hall, so she still has like, 11 grand left.

She is thrilled with her new quarters and requests the blood of a mortal virgin. I decided to send her out for a job at the hospital. Her limo is being repaired as she crashed it into a school play. :(

Here we are! The home of the local quack.

To celebrate her foray into the working world, she is treating herself to a bottle of concubine tears. Oh, and a trip to the arcade.

Her majesty is pleased with the arcade's offering. It may go free.

She finished up at the arcade and decided to play some chess at the park, so the bodies of others would be ravaged with envy as they witnessed a person with mysterious looks and sharp intellect!

Too bad the park was empty. Foiled again! Oh well. She may as well try to invoke fear in the hearts of the birds.

When she finished, she realised she was fresh out of the bodily fluids of the weak, so she thought she'd grab a burger.

It was almost as good as orphan meat! Delish!

Afterwards, she decided to hit the hay. She DID eat and play chess, you know.

But before bed, a staring contest with the shower of course.

She dreamt of those she had devoured before a cheering crowd. Sweet dreams!

Beautiful morning for pillaging, no?

But first, food!

But second, work!

Maybe she could find some tasty cadavers to munch on if she felt a stroke peckish. You know, something light and guilt-free!

After work, she decided to check out Al's Pub with the hope of finding someone to perform the mating ritual known as 'WooHoo'

But, it was a freaking ghost town. "Fuck this shit" she ejaculated mentally. She decided to visit the cute beach bar she saw on her way to the arcade.

She began to smell rather foul from all the exertion brought on by cycling, so she abandoned her dignity and took a shower away from home.

She found a seed, but not the seed she had hoped would fertilize her. "Oh well. Maybe I can plant it whenever I have slaves to plant it FOR me."

She took the nearby subway back to Gast Park North, which is across from her home.

Luckily, her prank of turning the elevator light green to resemble an alien autopsy had not been detected. Success!

She's beauty and she's grace!

She decided performing human tasks would make her more appealing to the masses, and promptly washed a dish.

The effort crippled her and she decided to go to bed right away.

Morning time! Food is the priority!

"The fuck? I just got up! How the fuck is the carpool here already?" she vociferated. She was forced to leave for work having to urinate.

She decided to employ her superhuman powers and teleported to the carpool, for fear of being late for work.

"Jesus Christ! I'm here so fucking early. I knew I should have taken that course on how to evaporate urine from your bladder." Sighed an enraged Pam.

Another pretty day where she was stuck indoors. Oh, the humanity!

3pm and she is OUT of there.

Riding her bicycle through the city is a great way to make drivers complain.

She decided to check out the fusion bar next door to her house.

"This is my fancy-wear? Fuck me!" A rather agitated Pam lamented.

"Great. The bartender is batshit." Pam proceeded to curse the heavens for this insulting offering!

"I have a secret."

"I operate on townies!!"

"Oh my god. Just look the other way." Pam thought.

"Should I eat this? I mean, she's crazy and touched it, but I'm really hungry?" Pam agonized over the Autumn Salad.

She noticed a pianist, and decided to do the dance of her people

"Hmm, this place isn't half bad! Why did I not want to stay here again?"

"Oh, yeah."

Pam suddenly wanted to smell some books, she she cycled to the bookstore. Because nothing says "sanity" like cycling through the city in an evening dress in the dark.

Pam felt the veil of fatigue envelop her and she began to journey home.

"I really think someone should have noticed this by now"

I hope you liked this. Tell me if you'd like more in the future!


  1. Who knew such a vibrant and colorful town could be so eerie. And that townie...oh that townie

  2. I know! It takes quite a while to populate, and these pics were taken over only the first two sim days in a test version. That won't be a problem if you download the save file for the final version, though!