Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Xebia Tone Round II

Here we go again! :P

Pam quickly realised her stench had been making germs cry so she hopped in the shower.

"This shower is so terrible! Gaaah! I'm quitting my job!" Yelled Pam, enraged.

After this massive decision, Pam established that it was time to laze about so she promptly retired for the night.

"What a beautiful morning, and I don't even have to go to work!" What shall our prissy protaganist do first, newly liberated from her suffocating stint?

Aah, yes.

"Goddamn this toilet!Why must my life be an endless shit parade? NO PUN INTENDED!" Poor Pam was in a tizzy.

She decided it would be best to eat the pain away.

"NOOOOO!" A moment of negligence cost Pam her sustenance.

"That's it! I'm moving! Exclamation Point!" Pam exclaimed.

Goodbye, Replica Cresent! :(

Hmm, there's a subway on Bucolic Road. Ohsome.

Not bad, eh?

Home sweet isolated home!

Those burnt waffles left Pam's stomach mighty empty. Cereal will suffice.

Pam tried to wash a dish, but couldn't take it anymore and had to flee the trauma.

"Perhaps I could use a workout? I DO want attention, you know!" Pam thought, as she envisaged the numerous envious eyes staring at her toned torso.

She arrived at the East Grown Ocean Beach station minutes later, and trekked toward Kim's Gym.

"This isn't going ANYWHERE NEAR how I planned!" Pam gasped, cursing as she fell.

A challenger appears!

Oh, no. The other kind of challenger. The one that is paid to make Pam look good by comparison.

Pam's stench infested the building, so she decided to not be as repugnant and to shower.

Public Showers *shudders*

Pam then remember her quest to be impregnated and to bear a child, and realised the peasant below could be a good target. She was wrong. :(

After this bitter disappointment, she needed to drown her sorrows and felt the need to visit Hydrocephalus, the local poolside.

"Oh my fucking God, not this shit again." Pam mumbled, fearing for her safety.

"Oh, screw it. I'm hungry." Our pal had given in. If you can't report 'em to the authorities for being weird, order food from 'em and give a lousy tip!

"Remember, Pam: Just look away."

This'll be my last for a while....

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