Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today's a birthday

*Steps in awkwardly.*

Sorry about my absence on here, I haven't had anything substantial to share, but that's only because I've been working on my biggest project Cosmia, which is nearing the finish line after seven months or so of frustration and yelling at a computer screen.

Also, today is my seventeenth birthday so yay and the likes. I've decided to 'celebrate' it by posting some pics of Cosmia that are unseen and will only be posted here as a reward for your loyalty if you're viewing this.

Cosmia will, like all of my creations, be posted here first since this page is my home base for my sims creations. Anyway, onto the pictures! (After the jump)

Ferry Terminal

A cool deco filling station and a dive bar

A hill near the vineyard area

A high vantage point

Lifeguard base in the art deco district

Nice 'n' rocky hills

I'll be back soon-ish!



  1. This looks amazing! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love what you have done so far!

  3. Thanks very much guys! It won't be much longer until it is officially released. :D