Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pearl - Another Preview

Hey guys - I started working on Pearl again! I haven't really sculpted anything new, though - I've mainly just been screwing around with different ini's - here you see Pearl with the gorgeous China ini files, probably my favourite! :D I should be working on it more actively though, since next week I'm only in school Monday and Tuesday as I have to do work experience in a Supermarket Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (super fucking big 
YAWN) but then I'm off for a week! OHSOME

I've also been thinking of getting a tumblr to post random shots or outtakes from my game, ones that don't really belong here. What do you think?

Hope you like it so far! :D



  1. Ohhh i like, its dark and beautiful, I wish I could sculpt in CAW...I just don't have the paitence for it X_X

  2. Hehe, I don't have the patience either - hence the amount of time it's taking to make progress. :P