Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hey guys - I thought I'd stop being a douche and finally show you those pictures of my world. I'm back to school tomorrow so if I don't do it now, I probably never will! Formerly known as Giftwrap, Pearl is the current working title and it will probably go through every track title on the Drawing Restraint 9 Soundtrack before I settle on a name. While I have both Pets and Late Night installed, it will only require Late Night. I only have Pets installed to make CAW compatible. Did I mention I fucking hate CAW? I'm excited because this is probably my best world in terms of sculpting and effort. It will have a cool non sunset valley ini by the time it is done and all that snazzy stuff. However, Pearl is a plucking LARGE world and I'm not finished any part of it. Sculpting isn't done, painting isn't done, no lots built, no spawners, no nothing so don't expect a release for a loooong time!

Enough! On to the pictures!

(* Note: I accidentally saved the pics in a lower quality than usual, so they might not be up to scratch in full view. Sorry! I might fix them later if I feel like it.)

Hope you like it! See you soon, and I hope your 2012 is going swimmingly so far.  :D 


  1. It looks very good so far,love the pics!
    Who doesn't hate CAW I've tried to make a world but I give up about 20 minutes into it lol!

    Hope your 2012 is going great so far,take care!

  2. ^ Thanks Amanda! Thankfully, the past week of 2012 hasn't been bad! :)