Friday, January 27, 2012

Björk - Preview #2

Hey guys - I promise this is the final preview! Hehe, since you last saw her I've lost her and had to remake her from scratch, but I actually think I did a good job. I guess she is a combination of all of the Björk looks - 'Medúlla' hair 'Vespertine'/'Post'/'Debut' cuteness, 'Biophilia' formal outfit, 'Volta''s all there and I'm super satisfied with how she turned out and she should be up tomorrow....or Sunday! ;D

See you then!




  1. I love that hair O_O
    I always thought it looked silly in sims 2 but this is beautiful ;o

  2. @Sackgirl, thanks! Ugh, she was super hard to make though, but I'm satisfied with how she turned out! :D

    @Lerz, hehe, I LOVE that hair! It gives her a massive forehead, but it's totally worth it. :P