Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank You!

Hey Guys! I'm sorry I've been so MIA on's just that school and my personal life are seriously kicking my ass this year. To prove my lurv to you, I broke out Beck and Björk to thank you for all of your kind comments and responses! While it may not seem like it, I really do check all of the comments and they seriously inspire me to keep creating and remind me of how fun TS3 and the community can actually be, as long as I quit lurking. ;)

Thank You!  :D


Hey guys! She's finally here! I FEEL NOTHING. Anyway,  I've wanted to make a proper Björk for the longest time, and so after a lot of work and headdesk-ing I present to you, the one and only Björk!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Björk - Preview #2

Hey guys - I promise this is the final preview! Hehe, since you last saw her I've lost her and had to remake her from scratch, but I actually think I did a good job. I guess she is a combination of all of the Björk looks - 'Medúlla' hair 'Vespertine'/'Post'/'Debut' cuteness, 'Biophilia' formal outfit, 'Volta''s all there and I'm super satisfied with how she turned out and she should be up tomorrow....or Sunday! ;D

See you then!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Björk - Preview

Hey guys - just a few shots of her in her Biophilia getup. She should be up soon - definitely by this time next week. I promise! :D


(Thanks to Kitty Klan for the amazing hair - she wouldn't be the same without it! LOVE YOU)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hey guys - I thought I'd stop being a douche and finally show you those pictures of my world. I'm back to school tomorrow so if I don't do it now, I probably never will! Formerly known as Giftwrap, Pearl is the current working title and it will probably go through every track title on the Drawing Restraint 9 Soundtrack before I settle on a name. While I have both Pets and Late Night installed, it will only require Late Night. I only have Pets installed to make CAW compatible. Did I mention I fucking hate CAW? I'm excited because this is probably my best world in terms of sculpting and effort. It will have a cool non sunset valley ini by the time it is done and all that snazzy stuff. However, Pearl is a plucking LARGE world and I'm not finished any part of it. Sculpting isn't done, painting isn't done, no lots built, no spawners, no nothing so don't expect a release for a loooong time!

Enough! On to the pictures!