Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Virgo Lash

Hey guys! This sim is kinda 'Florence Welch' -ish because she is awesome/amazing. Also I haven't had a female sim in a while, so yeah! Bring it owwwwn

So Virgo was brought up in a crazy house with five foster children and three natural siblings and lived in the basement of a T-shirt manufacturing company with her parents.

She mostly played by herself on the conveyer belts and imagined music made out of the clunking of the machinery and the occasional trapped rat.

One day a client saw her singing while cleaning up rat blood and instantly noticed a musical talent.

She began performing in nasty indie clubs and gradually began to garner larger and larger audiences. 

Soon enough, independent magazines began to report on her flame coloured hair (dyed in honor of the rats blood) and her on stage quirks, which included consumption of a cereal box.

She now is gearing up to release a collection of songs that will knock the world on their asses!


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders


-->Eyes by Tamo
-->Non-Default Freckle Skin - original by Papercat
-->Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
-->Everyday Hair by Lotus
-->Formal Hair by the TS3 Store
-->Brows by HystericalParoxysm
-->Everyday Outfit by the TS3Store

-->Remainder of clothes and hair is Pets and Base Game

Download Link: Mediafire