Friday, November 25, 2011

Pascal Sherbert

Hey guys! Hopefully I can keep up this regular uploading again. :)

Anyway, I was recently inspired by a pic of one of my favourite artists, Matthew Herbert. This one, actually:

So why not make a sim?

So Pascal was born to a mystery lady, and grew up in an orphanage. Yes, it had nuns. Yes, it was damp.

He had a hard time adjusting to the routines of eating rodent meat and using a rat as a loofa, but at least they were well cooked and spiced.

He made sure the minute he tasted his first fried rat that he would get a job as soon as he could and high tail it the hell out of that place. SO HE DID

Anyway, for the past three years, he has been playing a disco clown in an art studio. He is painted by budding d-bag artists and makes a couple of bucks for his rent and ice cream machine.

Unfortunately, due to the strange schedule of inspiration, he must constantly be in full makeup as he cannot afford to miss out on a painting session.


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders


-->Eyes by Tamo
-->Non-Default Freckle Skin - original by Papercat
-->Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
-->Everyday Hair comes w/ Pets
-->Everyday Outfit by The TS3Store
-->Brows by HystericalParoxysm

-->Remainder of clothes and hair is Pets and Base Game

Download Link: Mediafire

*He be packaged with base game skin and hurr. Enjoy! :P*


  1. Oh gosh i love him i cant wait till i have my new computer and can re install sims 3 and Nab him

  2. Your so creative!I love it XD!