Saturday, November 19, 2011

Goosey O' Grunt

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on here, but school has been driving me insane recently. And I've started, completed, then abandoned due do dissatisfaction three worlds since I've last posted here. Oy vey. Anyway, here's a cute pig for you guys! My selfsim

Born on a dairy farm, Goosey was never really embraced by the farmer with the insatiable lust for putrid cow milk! She's lucky she had her mother and six other g siblings to always be there for her with loving stories of the magical trip to the slaughterhouse.

However, Goosey had aspirations beyond the dairy farm and inevitable trip of doom. She wanted to become an advocate for the prevention of bad stuff happening to pigs and things.

Would you like to help Goosey realise her dreams? Will she soar and stick it to the man, or will she be prodded into the truck with an unspeakable destination?? You decide.


There's really only so much a dog can resemble a pig. As you can see, the hind legs kind of spoil the illusion, and the body shape is basically unachievable with the tools given, and when the dog teeth are visible it's kind of a bummer. But even so, I think Goosey is super cute and can pass as a pig anyday!

I used awesomemod to extend the slider range. Awesome Mod

Download Link: Mediafire


  1. Brillant. That is a cute pig ^_^

  2. So. Incredibly. Cute!

  3. Alan, you are a wonderful, talented person, haha. This is amazebomb.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys! :D

  5. Puke Rainbowss....OMG its so cute!!!

  6. Awwwwww so so so cute. I love piggies and am so impressed with how creatively you made one!

    I was really hoping EA would give us farm animals like pigs and cows and chickens.

    Thank you very very much for sharing Goosie with us.

  7. Wow,I love this little pig s-dog soooo much XD!Thanks for sharing him!!!<3

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  9. Looks great in Medieval Play! Thank You, every 14th Century needs pigs!!!