Friday, October 7, 2011

Billy Greer

He grew up in a house with many brothers and sisters, BUT NO-ONE was allowed to use his inhaler!

He was forced to go through many jobs as a teenager, such as fish tank cleaner, fish cremation, fish food manufacturing and guitar re stringer. He repeatedly peeled oranges on the job, so that explains his poor track record.

He was also a hit at the drama club where his impersonation of a fly wowed crowds! But not even his spot-on fly impersonation could find him a gal.

He was lonely, so as an attempt at finding a mate, he threw water balloons at ladies as a conversation starter. IT WORKED OMG 

Now, at 23, he moved out into an apartment with a cat, his lady and a collection of animal shaped soup bowls. 


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders
-->Awesome Mod


-->Eyes by Tamo
-->Non-Default Freckle Skin - original by Papercat
-->Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
-->Everyday Hair by Stakeit

-->Remainder of clothes and hair is WA and Base Game

*He be packaged with base game skin and hurr. Enjoy! :P*

Download Link: Mediafire

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