Monday, September 5, 2011


Today's an anniversary! I posted up my first creation on here on Septemeber 5th 2010!* Read this post for updates and thanks, etc. Let me fill you in with marshmallowey goodness! * LOTS of pics after the jump!

*(Actually, that would be my first EXCLUSIVE creation, Rozary, who was up on September 4th 2010, was on MTS for a while, though technically she was the first on here. Beck was up on September 5th)

Anyway, I should fill you in on where I've been for the last almost month. I haven't been doing anything with sims themselves, but it's been world central since then! I decided to scrap the world I previewed a while back  just because I wasn't satisfied with the right side of it, and I didn't know what to do about lot placement and other general annoyances.

I've since started another world and had more or less completed it. But I just wasn't satisfied with the tree placement, so it really knocked my confidence and I just ran out of steam. But I actually looked back at pictures of it today, and it looked lots better than I remembered! Here are some pics. Also, please note that the very first pic of this post (the night shot) is of this world. It looks just stunning! IMO, anyway.

One of the main problems with this world IMO is how shitty it looks in overview. Ugh!

Little cottage in the woods:

View from near the dirt beach:

Boy, I do like taking shots of the bridge, apparently!

View of town from woodlands:

Near sea furthest from town:

I love this shot so much! Look at the light coming through the leaves!

Cute snap. My game textures look awesome here, for some reason.

Check out this sexy lamppost! 

I may actually release that world, because it looks much nicer than I thought, and plays really smooth. As soon as I muster the patience to do routing and place spawners in a laggy CAW.

Anyways, here's a new world I started after the one I just showed you. Working title is Aposiopesis. It may not look like it yet, but it'll be a coastal ghost town with a VTM: Bloodlines Santa Monica pier vibe. I need to break out the fog emitters! ERRTHANG here is still a WIP so excuse dodgy sculpting, painting etc. ;)


I love this shot! Check out that sxc umbrella doing its thang!

I think my sculpting and painting is better in the latter. I've been practicing cliffs and rocky terrain. Hmm, this world is just being worked on for a few mins each morning before school and maybe in the evenings so god knows when it'll be done. Speaking of before school, yes: I'm back to school today which is a real bummer. I have more than homework to worry about...:( Hopefully I'll find the will to create sims again soon and get back into the swing of weekly uploads.

Also, over the last year, I've garnered 69 followers (the first being freshonlybakery, the latest being Pinklady1.) I'd really like to thank you guys so much for reading my blog and liking my stuff, assuming you do. This blog is a great source of fun for me so don't worry, I won't ever suddenly wake up and be 'tired' of creating. I wish I had something cool to share with you like stats or something, but I'm not really interested in the stuff so I don't keep records or those kinds of things on file, hehe.

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!

~Alan <3

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