Friday, August 5, 2011


Here's a new home for your pixels!

Hey guys! I wanted to do another house recreation, in the vein of my previous recreations such as The Farnsworth House and zeroHouse, and I found this gawjuss pic of a home online. After some searching, I discovered the original home was called the Crockett Residence and I knew I had to recreate it. I'm not calling it 'Crockett Residence', though, because it's not a 100% accurate replica. I deviated downstairs and improvised the back due to lack of pics. Anyway, enough of this! On to the house!

So, the home is very modern in style and highly stylish. For newlyweds or retirement, or maybe just investing, this home is is the ideal fit.

Any backdrop this is placed against it will adapt. No matter if it's placed in buzzing metropolis or a rural ranch, Realm will blend in and conform beautifully. 

Realm boasts two large bedrooms and two spacious bathrooms and an open plan living area and kitchen and a massive backyard. The roof is also playable and an ideal area for stargazing.

All in all, Realm is the perfect home for anyone and it's available right now.  ;) 


I USED THIS CC: (None of it included as most of it comes from the store.  :) )

-->All of me mirror by the TS3Store
-->I Love me Mirror by the TS3Store
-->Inertia Swivel by the TS3Store
-->Cresent Mooned Vanity Chair by the TS3Store
-->Cushions by Awesims



-->Lot Size: 35 x 20 (Not in game so you'll need to utilize the 'addlotsize' cheat that comes with awesomemod, or alternatively you can just plop it on a 40 x 20 lot and it'll look fine.  :)
-->Furnished Price: §100,421
-->Unfurnished Price: §68, 165

Hope you like it!

Download Link: Mediafire

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