Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey guys! I'd like to announce my final 'big' project for my summer holidays. A new world, remaining nameless.

Think 'Cliffside Retreat' from the PS2 version of TS2, meets a mountainous haven. Keep in mind that these previews were taken after less than an hour of sculpting from a flat map. While I work extremely fast in CAW, who knows when this'll be done, seeing as edit in game is STILL borked. (I haven't patched to town life, so I have no idea if the error is fixed.)

I can't stress enough how unfinished this is hehe. I just clicked the dreaded autopaint and built a lot in five seconds to make the indoor shot. But this is the basic, albeit alpha layout/structure of the world. But again, it's early days and these are merely the bare bones. It might end up TOTALLY different, haha.

I'm writing this post because I'll be preoccupied with this world for a while so don't expect many uploads like sims or anything. I just wanted you to know how minuscule my social life is. Lmao. Whatevs. See you soon!