Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hyperboreal - New Cold Climate World + CAW Files

Hey guys! I just returned from a holiday in Lanzarote. The heat was incredibly intense for me; it was not anything like Irelands climate, naturally. Now, I have been to hot places on holidays, but this was the first week-long holiday in a hot place I've had since 2004 so I had forgotten what heat can be like.

Anyway, I've gained a new found appreciation for cold weather, and I decided to continue to develop my idea of a cold world. There are many great snowy worlds out there, but I felt they were too christmas-ey and cosy, not isolated and littered with igloos. (Yes, your sims can live in igloos in Hyperboreal!!!!) So, without further ado, I present to you, Hyperboreal! (LOTS of pics, so beware!)

So, Hyperboreal was undiscovered for many years. Due to the roughness of the seas surrounding it, nobody dared to go within miles of it.

However, in 1962 during a particularly bad storm while exploring the polar icecaps, flight 17J95 was forced to crash land. The pilot was desperate to find any kind of land on the radar system as a sea landing would be fatal.

Luckily, Hyperboreal was located and the pilot just about landed safely.


After being rescued, the pilot vowed to find the landform again and set up some facilities for flyers who are too far in between airports. 

He fulfilled his promise and returned in the 1970's with a wad of cash, and built an airport, a hospital and a military base to train pilots.

In the midst of construction, it was discovered that there was a network of fish underneath the island. This was a fantastic discovery, as it meant the area could be inhabited by humans. The drilling of fishing holes commenced immediately, and the completed fishing canal was entitled the 'fisHub'.

Nature trails were also being set up, but remain unfinished. Probably because most of the workers died of frostbite and malnourishment. But whatevs.

So, what's next for this developing area? Obviously, the climate is highly unsuitable for crop growing, but the fish sectors and arts and crafts sectors are thriving.

Most residents are employed as fishermen, but others are self employed artists, rock collectors, meteor collectors etc.

Yep, these igloos are functional alright! BUT sims will enter through a hidden side doors, and never the front door. So don't be too shocked if they walk through the roof  like it's made of vaseline.

Well, I hope you like this charming artic island! Heres the CC I used:

=>Road textures: Sidewalk by drowssap and Main Road Texture by ashillion
=>Terrain Textures (CAW) by ashillion (same main road texures)
=>Terrain Textures (In-game) by jllucas
=>Igloo Roof Texture by tammy_trauma (!Very Important!)

=>I used Ambitions objects, and the rabbitholes are from Ambitions, but it doesn't really matter.
=>The simlish font I used in my pics. Thanks, can't credit you by username though because MTS is down.
=>Special Thanks: The GORGEOUS lighting mod by dDefiner was obviously used. EA could ever be responsible for something attractive.  ;)


=>There are Five different igloos included: two starters, two luxury igloos and one semi-expensive one. They're all the same on the outside other than terrain paint changes, but the interiors are different floorplans. Hey, that's like a metaphor for the diversity of humans! TOO CHEESY. Again, they enter from a side door that isn't noticeable from the outside.

=>All spawners that make sense are there, eg. meteors/metals are there, butterflies are not. If you don't like it, change it in the CAW files for yourself.

=>My CAW is semi-borked because I didn't buy or install Generations so Edit-In-Game is busted. You'll have to download the lots separately. Sorry! There's only eight in total, though, and I'll update when EA brings out a patch for CAW. Which probably won't happen.

=>It's a medium-sized world, but there's TONNES of room for expansion!

Download @ Mediafire


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  2. ^ Whoops, forgot to put that in! And yes, it's medium. :)

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  4. ^ Hehe, soon my child. Also, what's a 'rainbowcy'? Do you mean a rainbow?

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  6. Dude this is seriously!!! I have to download to at least see it...... Incredible!!!

  7. Oh my god. This is wonderful ! Thanks !

  8. Soooo Awesome!

    ~Ashillion Mashuga

  9. Wooow >W< i love it, i love you!!! Is exactly what i wanted!

    Sorry for the bad english... Im from mexico :)

  10. thank you for this extraordinary world

  11. Hey! I really love your world and can't wait to play it, but the tammy_trauma's igloo texture has been taken down and I can't find it anywhere else. Nor any other igloo texture, for that matter. Is there anyway it could be included in the download?

    Thanks so much!