Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hairy Situation -womp wommppp-

Check these bad boys out! Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Most don't really suit him; they are too feminine or wide or whatever. Keep in mind I can recolour the hair if needs be. I like 5 and 3!

What do you think? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Perhaps 3. Though 1 may suit him, even 2. To be honest so long as you have Beck features down like you do, the hair won't really matter. (most people change sims hair once they download other people's sim) I think Beck has even sported no. 8 at one time. Good luck.

  2. You took my suggestion! :) I agree, 3 and 5 do look the closest.

  3. I think 3 is the closest one. :)

  4. @Sackgirl Hehe, I was going to say that! No. 8 is just like that in the 'Pay No Mind (Snoozer)' video, or any time in the early nineties. :)

    @Acornicus I did indeed because IT RAWKED. Thanks!

    @IN3S Yeah, me too! Hmm. I have deliberation to do... :)

  5. Wow this is awesome! I <3 Beck. I'd go with 3 also, but 8 makes me smile, too.