Saturday, June 18, 2011

Continuity Error

Hey guys. I've decided to ask Joe at MS3B to cease featuring my things there. I'm tired of the toxic atmosphere and the lack of community. I know a small fraction of you will stay loyal to me and I will definitely continue creating. I hope to immerse myself more in the nicer side of the creators community.



  1. Funny you mention this,I have been feeling the same way recently.I'm fairly new to blogging and have noticed that although MS3B is great for advertising your stuff,the down side is there are alot of really mean comments left there.Most of us can take constructive criticism but so much of it is just harsh and uncalled for.Just wanted to comment:)

  2. I'm sad that you won't have as much advertisement for your things, Alan. I really love your work, it's very artistic and tasteful. I have you on blogger so I won't miss out :) I asked Joe ages ago to stop featuring my hairs on there. I've let him put up a couple but that was to help out Sailfin Sims. I later found out that you don't need to register to download from there lol So I'm glad that my hairs don't get featured there anymore, since they believe that Lotus and Anubis are the only retexture'ers allowed there lol

  3. Sad to hear that. The harsh comments there bother more than help us most of the time. I'm following you here so I'm not losing any of your releases!

    And Shyne that's not really true, I get a lot of very harsh and mean comments that aren't helpful at all, that's why I asked Joe to not allow comments when he features my stuff there anymore. ;)

  4. Thanks so much for the nice messages! I really appreciate them, honestly. :)

    Actually, part of the reason I asked to be exempt from the blog was because while creating, I'd think things such as 'Hmm, I should make the nose smaller so the anons don't bitch'. That should never be present in a creative process! And it should be fun, not worrying. I'll still be creating the same as before and be commenting on MS3B.

    Again, thanks a bunch guys!

  5. Ah, I am sorry to hear that people were mean to you, Lotus. I only just noticed in that post about the NewSea Sailaway. And I agree, Alan. Don't try to make the anons happy... it makes you unhappy lol