Friday, June 17, 2011

Edwina Pease

Hey guys! I was really inspired by a picture of Bjork (it's in the post. Ha! Because she had an album called 'Post'! Oh, never mind, you insufferable Shylocks.) and I felt that Queenie wasn't quite there in terms of my vision of a Bjork sim. Anyways, she needs a sibling, so without further ado, Edwina Pease!

The Bjork reference pic (from 
the 'Hidden Place' video): 

So, Edwina was brainy growing up - she mostly had her head buried in a book, or was trying to sharpie her eyebrows back on after an accidental reaction between chemicals.


She generally achieved good grades, and despite her intelligence she felt like school wasn't beneficial to her. She decided to leave school aged sixteen to fulfill her dream of discovering a new element.

She eventually achieved this - a few minutes after setting foot out of the door. Seriously, when I said she was brainy I wan't kidding. Some major brainpower here.

She earned enough money from this amazing discovery to fund future research. She donates to 'Ferret Injuries are Painful' bi-monthly with her leftover money, and tries to keep in contact with Queenie as much as possible, though the reception in Wanderlust 'sucks isotopes'.


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders


-->Eyes by Tamo
-->Non-Default Freckle Skin - original by Papercat
-->Brows by HystericalParoxysm
-->Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
-->Leggings by Anubis (they're included in the 'Bubble Dress' rar)
-->Everyday Hair by Lotus
-->Everyday Outfit is BG top and skirt recoloured with Generations/latest patch patterns
-->Formal Outfit comes with Ambitions

*She's packaged with base game skin and hurr. See ya!  :D

Download Link: Mediafire


  1. I really like her, really fun! Definitely not for those who like generic sims.

  2. ^ Hehe, DEFINITELY a marmite situation. I mean, FOUR Ganguro clicks? Most people don't even know what that means! But yes, people are just rotten, plain and simple. Oh well. The man ain't gonna hold me down! -thumps chest- -makes peace sign-

  3. I think you should join pixel_trade @livejournal. A lot of people would enjoy your sims there. :)

  4. ^ Whoa, I was just thinking of getting a livejournal - I love the streamlined minimalistic look of the pages. I just had a peek around the page and I gotta say, I love all the sims! Including yours, btw. I simply must do something over there during the summer. :D Thanks!

  5. Wow!!!OMG! I'am a HUGE fan of Bjork,she is my absolute fave,I'm so happy you shared this with us,great job,she looks awesome XD!!!!

  6. ^ Lol, thanks! I LOVE Bjork too. :P

  7. She does remind me of Bjork. Who i absolutely adore. She is brillant live, so since seeing your sim i have been listening to Bjork. I am now downloading Edwina Pease. I am going to give her some crazy hair. Thank you.