Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Buxom Fedora Theatre

Hey guys! I made this lot back into August 2010 for a MTS contest. I was going to upload at the time, but it had this stupid glitch whereby the ground level was thrust up much higher than normal. It would have been unfair to share a glitchy lot, so I decided to just fix it for upload later. Unfortunately, I forgot to save a copy and it was accidentally deleted  FOREVER(!)

BUT recently, I found a .backup copy and it worked! Also, I stumbled upon a fix for this glitch and after a good fifteen minutes of tinkering today, it is now restored to its former glory so here we are now.

So, in 1953, The Buxom Fedora was established as a cool, hip hangout for all the topcats about the place by Mr. R Beaudesert. In order to make running the club easier, her lived on the roof in a room meant for a custodian but converted into a flat of some sort.

The club failed to get going, until he introduced Ladies Night Thursday, when all the Ladies came with their husbands and danced until 11.30pm, thank you very much.

The club had a long and prosperous run, and made a nice sum after it was sold after Mr. Beaudesert died. The club is now on the market and is in need of some moderniziation and de-gramophonization.

Ground Floor:

Second Floor:

Top Floor/ Residential Level:

Living Area:



Social Area:

Music Corner:



 Furnished Price: §183, 779
 Unfurnished: Price: §87, 718
 Lot Size: 30x30

CC (All Store CC)

Retronik Lectronik by Phonokronik
Souped Up Napkin Holder
Hot Rod Table
The Right-O Wall Lamp
The Vaindenburger Sofa
The Vaindenburger Chair
Classy Chassis Dining Chair

*Please note this lot is Residential*

Download Link: Mediafire


  1. This is really nice! I love it so bad. And your banner is really cute.

  2. ^ Thanks! I have never uploaded a lot here, so positive feedback is really meaningful. :)

  3. I love it! :D
    I might just have to play with it a little to plop a rabbithole in it and use it as a community theater!
    You're just as good at creating lots as you are creating sims!