Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wanderlust - New custom town + CAW files! - UPDATE 8/5/2011

!UPDATE! I corrected a little error where the terrain cut into the road when you zoomed in. Sorry about that.  :( Back up your saves and Redownload.

Yay! It's done - to quote Debbie's mom from 'The Life and Times of Tim'  "Thank the god!"

Ions ago, Wanderlust was part of the Vertebrae Mountains. However, a massive crater was formed and a portion of the mountain was obliterated.  The water in this location was quite shallow and it didn't take long for flat land to be built up from repeated landslides. This flat land was cemented by early inhabitants and Wanderlust was formed.

As the population grew due to the area being colonised, better facilities and buildings were erected and massive amounts of funding was pumped into the town.

The area was blessed with precious alluvium due to the floodplains and things are looking up for the newly formed town.

The town's natural beauty is also a sight to behold, so many famous calendar companies use the landscape to personify the months of the year. Except snowy or rainy months. Thank you, EA.

Oh, and STRIP CLUB!!!! :D

=>Phew! That was fun. Lotta work though. If it resembles Twinbrook, that's because a) I used the Twinbrook distant terrain and b) I used the same terrain textures as Twinbrook to match up to the distant terrain.

=>This is only my first world, therefore I have no clue how to add trees realistically. I probably missed some spawners or something too, so I'm putting up the CAW files for download.

=>You can also replace the Ambitions bridge yourself in CAW and export a new S3P so you don't REALLY need Ambitions. Whoo! :D

=>The world has 14 Residential Lots (3 are premade for you) and 22 Community Lots, 36 in total. All Rabbitholes are there except the Military one. This town is neutral, no fighting.  ;)

OK, here are some credits and recommendations:

=>CAW textures by Martine
=>Also on this page, Road Textures by HystericalParoxysm
=>Miscellaneous Road Textures (eg. french crossing texture, one line on road, etc.)
=>Phones on Community Lots by Winterhart
=>Cornices by Awesims
=>I used a lot of Ambitions objects, and some community lots are Ambitions specific.
=>The simlish font I used in my pics. Thanks, can't credit you by username though because MTS is down.

=>Special Thanks: The GORGEOUS lighting mod by dDefiner was obviously used. EA could ever be responsible for something attractive.  ;)

Download Links @ Mediafire

=>.Sims3pack World
=>CAW files


  1. Beautiful world. Great job for it being your first. :)

  2. ^ Thanks! That means a lot. :)

  3. This is really gorgeous! Such awesome work! Gonna try this out real soon! (:

  4. Is this the same beautiful world you previewed a while back? :D

  5. oh thank you so much for the CAW files, that's the closest to what i've been trying to come with for a long time (but i have no CAW skills)

  6. So a quick comment, your town wont open in CAW. I've tried a couple different things and i believe that you haven't given quite all the files.
    In the CAW worlds folder, there are the .world, the .settings, but there is a third thing. Each world has a folder and i think the lack of folder is why the file isn't loading in CAW.
    Now that might just be my CAW (it's very picky) but it might need to be something you need to add. Some one can correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe that's were the trouble is.
    (i also have proof of suspicions if you want to see it. i just can't wait to play with your world.)

  7. ^ Here, I updated the link. Try it now.

  8. Haha yes it works!
    Thank you so much *hugs
    off to play around with it.

  9. ^ Yay! :D *Misinterprets hug and gets restraining order slapped in face*

  10. So sad, the launcher tells me it's outdated when I try to install it. I guess it is not compatible with GEN? So strange though but SOB. I wanted this world. :'(

  11. Never mind, it works!!! XD It was something else in my CC folder that was messing things up. Yay, I'm loving this! ;*