Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Environment Relevance...

Hey guys! I've been working on a world for the past while which is why there was no sim this weekend. I decided to share the photos I took for reference/concepts. You'd best enlarge 'em.

I live in rural Ireland on a sixty acre farm, so I am totally isolated. Ha. Seriously though, my surroundings are beautiful so I thought I'd share some pics if you're stuck in the middle of a city or something.

This shot is one of an old water trough in a field we no longer use, so its become pretty overgrown.

A gate and a tree close to the road.

I crouched down reeeeal lowwww to get this bad boy.

A strange pond thing, but it was drained and very green grass now covers it.

A snap taken in one of our gardens.

A little track back to the main part of the farm.

So those are some shots of my surroundings. I dunno when I'll update this site next, but I'll most likely have a sim up next weekend. Take care, guys.


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