Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ike Burton

Hey guys! I'm almost done the site design changes but in the meantime heres a sim to fill the gap (gigiddy.) Sorry about the lack of preview for him, I just couldn't have been arsed to be honest, lol. Anyway, I haven't had a male sim for quite a bit so I think you deserve him. Hope you like!!  :)

Ok, so Ike Burton was almost always the nerdy kid in school growing up, and never really had many friends other than his two best friends.

He wasn't really bothered by this though as he avoided problems other kids his age faced, although he had many unique to himself.

He really began to feel like an outsider growing up, and the fact that his family were so eccentric and strange, as opposed to his reserved shyness cemented this.

However, he channeled this into playing the glockenspiel and composed many a mediocre song, but also some rare adequate gems.

These days, he is in university studying the things he enjoys most of all, and learning more and more about the mysteries involved in the manufacturing of electric heaters.

         Some Extra Pics:

{As you can see, I've had a bit of a blunder with the tee he's wearing in the outfits pic and the post pics - my fault. He's packaged with the orange tee, base game skin + hair}


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders


-->Non-Default Freckle Skin - original by Papercat
-->Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
-->Formal Hair by EA Store

-->Everyday Hair is from the Ambitions Ultimate Careers Bundle (The pack you get from registering your game. But I'm sure that "TS3 Store DOWNLOADS ONLY" thread on MATY has a link.)

-->Tux is obtained with the "unlockoutfits on" cheat in game. It'll appear in CAS without cheat on anyway.

-->Undies are Base Game, just some clever Base Game pattern working. ;)

Download Link: Mediafire

Hope you like him!


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