Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey! Imma give the blog a sexy, suave new look. It's not done at all, so don't be shocked at any random design choices. I really can't make heads or tails the controls of the design settings so it may take a little bit. Lol.

=>I actually altered the actual title of the blog itself slightly as I realised I misspelled what I was referencing. Oops.

=>When I was putting together the blog I just picked any ol' random template, so I'll be fine tuning it and giving it a virtual face lift, if you will. ;P

=>I'll have to go back and catergorise all my posts for easier navigation of the site.

=>I have two new sims ready, and Ziyi Zhang. My xmas exams start next week, so I think I'll have to fuse two of the sims together and then Ziyi probably next week. Sorry bout that, I'm just busy.

OK. See you when I see you!


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