Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bessy St. Chomp - Updated

Hey guys! My Christmas exams are OVAH so -yay-

I'm back with the first of many sims to come! I'll probably package the male sim in my title banner and a female sim you probably haven't seen together as Christmas missionary workers or something. And Ziyi... she'll be up soon! I'm also starting a world that should take quite a while to build, but I'll be posting previews as I progress..K?

Enough with the ramble, here is Bessy St. Chomp!

So, Bessy had a happy life growing up on a farm. She was actually named after her fathers favourite cow, which prompted intense teasing when it was discovered.

She enjoyed helping out her parents and brothers on the farm, but she really dreamed of being an artist.

She finally summoned the courage to tell her parents she wanted to go to NY to pursue her artistic dreams,and they surprisingly funded her trip with the money her mother won juggling pizza's while tap dancing and baking a cake at the local talent show 3 years in a row.


These days, Bessy is living in an apartment in downtown New York, and her door has only been urinated on twice. TWICE!!

She hopes to set up an artist studio and become a patron, funding other artists dreams like her mother did with her.

Other pics:

Ok, I hope you like! Here's the stuff  I used on her: (She's packaged with BG hair to avoid crashing)


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders


-->Lemonleaf's Crystal Lipstick N9
-->Non-Default Freckle Faces - original by Papercat
-->Busty Saint Claire Bodies by LadyFrontbum
-->HP's "Under Your Brows" Eyebrow Set
-->Everyday Hair is free by Peggy but I can't link to it because her site dosn't work for me. FYI, it came out on June 5th 2010
-->Formal Hair - Cazy Retexture by Abbey
-->Imaginarium of Greens' Formal Corset Dress
-->Daluved1's Accessory Leotards
-->Everyday Shoes (High Tops) by Carrie Sims

Download Link: Mediafire

Hope you like! And don't worry, you weren't staring, just testing your new glasses.


  1. she crashed my game. when I selected her she had that one ea hair that sims get if they come with a cc hair you don't have, but I selected her anyway and yep, CTD. also she is packaged with a cc skin, and thus showed up charcoal colored in my game as well, I don't really mind that as I can remedy that quickly. but can you please reupload her with a different hair so I can use her? please and thank you :) I think she looks really cute and want her for my immigrant pool

  2. This is one of the ugliest sims ive ever seen. Sorry but what the hell....

  3. Jesus Christ I'm turning off anon comments. Sorry, but leave the hatred spewing to MS3B.

    @Anon no.1, I packaged her in my default skin (LFB) and gave her base game hair across the board.

  4. So you can re-download. Sorry about that, when that happens to me I feel like bitch-slapping the creator cause I have to go get the original hair. So sorry, won't happen again! :)

  5. Dude that nose is epic! I frigin love her! :D

  6. Thanks Miss Lochness! Who doesn't heart anteater nose? I love her nose and am proud of it. :P