Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Diary - today was a sad day. :(

Hey guys.

I'm not sure if' I'll be updating with a sim this weekend. Recently I've been having a shitty time, with schoolwork and stress and what-not, and this ASSHOLE at school. I just don't feel inspired to do anything sims-related, and feel pretty crappy, the "I don't feel like doing anything except lie on the couch all day" kind of crappy.

I'll be back soon. Maybe I'll update during the week as I'm off on Tuesday, and have TONNES of half finished sims, so stay tuned.



  1. We all have bad weeks sometimes don't we. Sucks arse. Hope things get better for you Alan, can't wait for your next project release :)

  2. Thanks Shyne! I'm pretty sure it was just a shitty time. I've cheered up after youtubing hilariously bad music like Fergalicious. Lmao.

    Its really nice of you to keep commenting. :)