Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ash Yancey

Hey guys! I decided to stop moping and make a sim. He's actually a tweaked version of my Sam Merlotte/Sam Trammell sim that I may or may not be releasing. Here he is, Ash Yancey!

So, Ash was born into a family of skilled artists and MacGyver wannabee's, who would make something out of anything, and there was always a way to get your food cooked without using heat.

He grew up quite reserved and quiet, and preferred to stay in his room drawing blueprints for Bionic Biro's and Gyrating Guitars. 


So now at 33 years of age, (NOTE: IN GAME HE IS AN "ADULT". LOOK FOR HIM IN THE "ADULT" CATEGORY IN THE SIM BIN.) the only thing her can't invent is a way to get a girl to date him. (-studio audience "aww"-)

I hope you'll enjoy Ash and use him for your personal gain. Here's the rest of the pics:

 A shot of him w/o glasses:


Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders
Rez Delnava's UI Mod (For Non-Default Skin)


-->LadyFrontbums Silk Faces & Bodies
-->Lemonleaf's Crystal Lipstick N9
-->Jeans by Aikea_Guinea
-->Everyday Hair by Cazy (hosted at One Billion Pixels)
-->I think this is the formal hair. It looks pretty damn similar. By v_ware.
-->Mock Mod Glasses by Tamo
-->Undies by Oepu
-->Subaxi's Eyebrows

-Download Link: -->Mediafire<--

Have fun guys!

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