Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arumi Kan - Kimi and Marah Huff

This project took quite a bit of work! I had this idea of making a fun asian girl group for some time, and here they are, Kimi and Marah Huff!

Kimi and Marah are cousins, and they were very close growing up, due to their mothers being twins and the fact that in age they are only a month or two apart.

Growing up in an American suburb, they were pushed into all sorts of hideous classes, such as -shudder- figure skating, water polo and oboe. 

Although oboe was the bane of their lives, they knew there was something about playing an instrument that drew them in. 

When they turned 13, they made their own decision for the first time: Pick a class they wanted to attend.

They chose guitar after seeing a homeless man fend off a rabid cat with one.

But soon they saw a benefit of being able to hold a guitar properly, other than protecting themselves from the preying jaws of wild animals: expressing themselves.

They began combining Kimi's lyrics with Marah's vocals and guitar playing and formed Arumi Kan.

They currently reside in Toyko, Japan where they are taking the music industry by storm. Noted and praised by critics for their quirky style and clever lyrics, the girls are making it big in Japan.

There's a picture taken by a member of the audience at a recent acoustic set.

But theres a deeper side to these girls. Kimi is much shyer and more sensitive than Marah, and has a remarkable ability to convey emotion through words and expressions.

Marah is fun and bubbly on the surface, but she is quite easy going and can be solemn. She has written a few songs in dedication of her mother, whose death affected her deeply. 

 So the girls are going from strength to strength in the music industry, and are having a ball. Here's a taster of their differing clothing choices:  



ALL RIGHHHHT. Heres what you need to know:


-->Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders
-->Rez Delnava's UI Mod (For Non-Default Skin)

==>KIMI'S CC<==

-->Shyne's TS3 Store retexture (Everyday Hair)
-->Formal Shoes by Stylist Sims
-->Everyday Shoes (High Tops) by Carrie Sims
-->Arisuka's Natural Lip Colour
-->Aarin's LASHED eyeliner
-->Formal Dress by Kiara24
-->Athletic Leggings by Imaginarium of Green


==>MARAH'S CC<==

-->Everyday Hair by Savio @Sims Cave
-->Everyday Dress by Anubis (Nantes Jumper)
-->Everyday Shoes by Stylist Sims
-->Formal Shoes (High Tops) by Carrie Sims
-->Anubis' Swimwear Skirt
-->Aarin's LASHED eyeliner
-->Lipstick by dhampir1313 (You need to download sim, lipstick is in rar)


"Always remember, YOU'RE A WHORE"


  1. I love the detail you put into them! They're lovely :) Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

  2. Thanks Shyne! These were actually my fave sims to make. I mean, putting together pics is usually a bitch but I had fun doing this, specially the album cover + acoustic set pics.

    Glad you like!! :)

  3. They look so cool!! Love all those pics, very awesome!