Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rozary Whoa! - Comic Book Heroine

Hi guys! After seeing a movie a while back, I had this idea in my head to make a comic book character. I finally got around to it, so here she is. Introducing: ROZARY WHOA!

So Rozary was born Rosary "Roze" Fawn to Asian-American parents.

As a shy highschooler, she always dreamt of being a supernatural human being and standing out from the rest. She browsed online for magical potions to give her powers, and after a few trips to intensive care, she found the right one that worked for her.

Unfortunately, the potion turned her hair a rather jarring shade of fuschia, and had to resort to dying her hair black to hide her identity, although her roots still remain the same dashing colour.

So, Rozary finds dealing with her bizarre situation draining, to say the least. Although the potion gave her eternal vigilance (lack of need for sleep) to be alert for crimes, she has to be available at any given hour, which makes for some awkward situations, notably her graduation, or her driving test.

Rozary feels really lucky that she gets to help so many civillians on a daily basis and is very well liked within the city of Idledale, but she wishes she hadn't had to give up so many of her HUMAN qualities/traits to make up for the ones she gained.


Here are some more pics:


- Brave
- Daredevil
- Good
- Perceptive
- Workaholic


- Grilled SalmoN
- Soul
- Violet


- Persuasive Private Eye



Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders
Rez Delnava's UI Mod (For Non-Default Skin)


Ladyfrontbum's Asian Skins
Flajko's Pure Eyes Contacts
Lemonleaf's Crystal Lipstick N9
Subaxi's Plume Eyeliner
KittyKlan's SoftGLO Blush
Emmzx's Eyeshadow
Sims 3 Store's Everyday Hair
Peggy's Formal Hair
Anubis360's Everyday Outfit (I used pretty much everything)
Amvalvo's Leggings
Rustynail's Formal Dress
Tamo's Mock Mod Glasses
InnocentSheep's Thong
dhampir1313's Wetsuit (It's in set two)

I hope you like her!  :)

She's packaged with EA hair, so no crashing issues hopefully.

Download Link: Mediafire

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